Timex Marlin 34mm Leather Strap Watch



Timex Marlin 34mm Blackout Edition Leather Strap Watch

Timex Marlin 34mm Blackout Edition comes with a traditional size case as it would
back in the 1960s coming in with a 34 millimetre case diameter
and has a lug to lug height of forty two point three millimeters
so yes it is a very small watch however it is still suitable on many wrists and
I think anyone with the wrist under 7.5 inches could have a lot of fun with this piece.
The height of the case is just over 10 millimeters as a result of this beautifully dome
and crystal that really gives this watch a level of death.
The lug width is 18 millimeters so you will have a lot of options for straps
and speaking of this this watch.

Timex Case

I have found that the Timex Marlin 34mm does very well with different straps.
I think the silver dial version
is definitely more versatile in this department.
However this blackout version is no slouch as well with the glossy black dial on the dial
you will see a great bit of reflection that really makes this watch pop a bit more on the wrist.

Mechanically Powered

This watch is mechanically powered just as it was back in the day so does the hand winding movement
and really is staying true to the form as it did many years ago.
Despite its smaller size as well as having some really cool retro indices that just really cater
to the American aesthetic.

Timex is just one of those brands that I just like a lot just in terms of what they offer
great looking watches for affordable prices but on top of that they’re also a brand
with a great amount of history.
Looking at one of my favorite watches that Timex has ever produced the Timex Marlin
and this specific version of the Timex Marlin Blackout Edition really excited to go through.
The Timex Marlin 34mm was reissued with a traditional looking silver dial that many would
have seen back in the day
However this Timex Marlin Blackout Edition is a piece that I think is even classier looking.
This Blackout Edition is an exclusive partnership with Todd Snider and Timex.

Timex box marked this movement as a Chinese movement which I really don’t care I think
there’s a lot of unnecessary amount of fear that people have and they see the words
made in China that I think is completely overrated.
So what is my verdict of this watch for me when looking at this watch I honestly
kind of get mad because I seriously don’t know why Timex did not reissue this watch sooner
with this watch Timex and Todd Snider managed to deliver a piece that speaks
to the companys deep roots and watchmaking with classic and retro style at a price point of $200

In Short

I think if I had to pick one mechanical hand winding dress piece under $200
that would also double as a watch that easily can be dressed down I think this watch might be my choice.

Product Details

Case Width: 34 mm
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Band Color: Black
Buckle/Clasp: Buckle
Case Color: Stainless Steel
Case Finish: Polished
Case Shape: Round
Case Size: Full Size
Crystal/Lens: Acrylic
Dial Color: Black
Dial Markings: Arabic & Markers (Partial)
Watch Movement: Mechanical Hand-wind
Water Resistance: 30 meters
Case Height: 10 mm
Strap and Lug Width: 18 mm
Attachment Hardware Color: Stainless Steel

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